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The three philosophers – designing banners for a website

During the past months I’ve been working on the banners for the new website of the philosophy school Nouvelle Acropole in France.

The challenge was to create images that could communicate that the ancient wisdom of classic philosophers from the East and the West can be relevant for modern life.

So we decided to create cartoons for their website “slider” featuring cartoons of Confucius, Buddha, and Socrates. There would be one illustration with the three of them, and then one illustration for each one of them. In the individual illustrations we would use a quote from the philosopher and an illustration of the quote representing a modern life situation.

It was a fun challenge! The website will be soon online. Impression

This is the general image.  The “block-building” to the left says: Philosophy in the XXI century – Classical School.

Confucius: Always relevant!
Buddha: Open to everyone!
Socrates: Applied to everyday life!

140728 Nouvelle Acropole Website Baniere Confucius

Confucius: “If you put yourself in the other’s shoes, forgiveness is easy”.

140728 Nouvelle Acropole Website Baniere Buddha

Buddha: “Start by getting yourself in the right path, then you can offer advice to others”.

140728 Nouvelle Acropole Website Baniere Socrate

Socrates: “Only the knowledge that help us to improve ourselves is useful”.

The Philosophers and the quotes were chosen in collaboration with Nouvelle Acropole. Then I did the illustration of the quotes and they would offer me feedback on it.