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Illustrating “L’innovation de rupture pour les nuls”

What is disruptive innovation? This is the question that Benoit Sarazin answers in the short film that he just published and that he invited me to illustrate and animate.

As graphic facilitator, I strive to find the right images to help to explain complex concepts. Working with Benoit was a great experience and exercise of those skills.

First we worked together on the script, in French, since France is his main market as a consultant in disruptive innovation. We focused on storytelling and on answering questions in simple ways with concrete examples, and having a very clear structure.

Then I proposed a “storyboard” using simple sketches I could draft directly on the computer and we added those images to a slideshow with the parts of the text that corresponded. We could then test the “flow” of it.

Slide 04
To create the storyboard I did quick sketches drawing directly into a graphic tablet connected to the computer.

Benoit recorded his voice several times, until the timing, tonality and craft of the speech was good for him. He also used the support of Bénédicte Kliber, his social-media marketing consultant. Basically, whenever we had a discrepancy our default was “ask Bénédicte”!

Once the voice was ready, then I made the illustrations and set-up a Prezi presentation. Prezi is great because it let’s you do “camera movements” through a presentation and it looks quite different than a regular slideshow.

Innov rupture prezi screen
Prezi is a great presentation software and easy to program to prepare sequences of images with smooth “camera movements”.

I recorded my computer screen as I was running the presentation using Benoit’s voice, then put the voice and the video together in a video-editing system and voilà! We have a cartoon video about disruptive innovation!

Innov rupture premiere screen
Once I recorder my screen while playing the presentation, it is easy to match the voice and the sequence of images.

Collaborating with Benoit was great because of his mastering of the subject matter, he really knows what he wants to convey, and then he is open on my creative ideas about “how to say it”.

Now watch the video! If you don’t understand French it doesn’t matter! I would love to know what you get by watching and listening, maybe you still get the gist of the principles of disruptive innovation!

The three philosophers – designing banners for a website

During the past months I’ve been working on the banners for the new website of the philosophy school Nouvelle Acropole in France.

The challenge was to create images that could communicate that the ancient wisdom of classic philosophers from the East and the West can be relevant for modern life.

So we decided to create cartoons for their website “slider” featuring cartoons of Confucius, Buddha, and Socrates. There would be one illustration with the three of them, and then one illustration for each one of them. In the individual illustrations we would use a quote from the philosopher and an illustration of the quote representing a modern life situation.

It was a fun challenge! The website will be soon online. Impression

This is the general image.  The “block-building” to the left says: Philosophy in the XXI century – Classical School.

Confucius: Always relevant!
Buddha: Open to everyone!
Socrates: Applied to everyday life!

140728 Nouvelle Acropole Website Baniere Confucius

Confucius: “If you put yourself in the other’s shoes, forgiveness is easy”.

140728 Nouvelle Acropole Website Baniere Buddha

Buddha: “Start by getting yourself in the right path, then you can offer advice to others”.

140728 Nouvelle Acropole Website Baniere Socrate

Socrates: “Only the knowledge that help us to improve ourselves is useful”.

The Philosophers and the quotes were chosen in collaboration with Nouvelle Acropole. Then I did the illustration of the quotes and they would offer me feedback on it.